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White Fly FurWhite Fly Fur, long strip
The Trout (Earthtones) 4 Pack Fly Fur contains one piece each of Brown, Rust, Tan, and Olive furs.Brown Fly Fur is included in the Trout Earthtones Fly Fur 4 Pack.
Sculpinow Medium Olive 5D Brush, DiagonalSculpinow Medium Olive 5D Brush, Straight
Olive Fly FurOlive Fly Fur, long strip
Dark Purple Fly FurHot Pink Jig tied with Dark Purple Fly Fur, Steely Shrimp Pink Lavender 5D Brush, and Sparse Shrimp Candy 5D Brush
Chartreuse Fly FurChartreuse Fly Fur, long strip
Hot Orange Fly FurJig tied with Hot Orange and Dark Purple Fly Fur
Rust Fly FurRust Fly Fur, long strip
Spey Cream/Copper 5D Brush, DiagonalSpey Cream/Copper 5D Brush, Straight
Black Fly FurJig tied with Steely Blue 5D Brush and Black Fly Fur
Steely Purple Borealis 5D Brush DiagonalSteely Purple Borealis 5D Brush
Steely Blue/Black 5D Brush, DiagonalSteely Blue/Black 5D Brush, Straight
Sculpinow Dark Olive 5D Brush DiagonalSculpinow Dark Olive 5D Brush, Straight
1.5 Inch Straight Scissor
2.5 Inch Straight ScissorsClose up of tension knob and spring for Fly Fur Scissors
1.25 Inch Arrow Point Scissor
2 Inch Straight Scissor
Flush CutterFlush Cutter
Standard Ceramic BobbinMini Ceramic Bobbin, Standard Ceramic Bobbin, and Salt Water Ceramic Bobbin
The Saltwater 4 Pack Fly Fur contains a piece of Tan, White, Hot Pink, and White Barred Black furs.Tan Fly Fur is included in the Saltwater Fly Fur 4 Pack assortment.
Popsicle Brights 4 Pack Fly Fur contains a piece each of Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, and Chartreuse furs.  Dark Purple Fly Fur is included in the Popsicle Brights Fly Fur 4 Pack.
(S)makerel 4 Pack Fly Fur includes White, Chartreuse, White Barred Black, and Dark Sapphire Blue cuts of fur, to make the most tempting of lures.White Fly Fur is included in the (S)mackerel Fly Fur 4 Pack.

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