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The Anadromous 4 Pack Fly Fur contains one piece each of Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Dark Sapphire Blue, and Black furs.  Great for all species that migrate from salt to fresh waters.Dark Purple Fly Fur is included in the Anadromous Fly Fur 4 Pack.
The Essentials Fly Fur 4 Pack contains pieces of Black, White, Dark Sapphire Blue, and White Barred Black furs.  These are our best selling colors-you can't go wrong here!Black Fly Fur is included in the Essentials Fly Fur 4 Pack.
The Redfish 4 Pack Fly Fur contains a piece of Black, Dark Purple, Chartreuse, and White furs.Black Fly Fur is included in the Redfish Fly Fur 4 Pack.
Trailer Rigs in packagingShanks & Wires, return eye visible
Dark Sapphire Blue Fly FurDark Sapphire Blue Fly Fur, long strip
Hot Pink Fly FurFly tied with Predator I Hot Orange 5D Brush and Hot Pink Fly Fur
Brown Fly FurBrown Fly Fur, long strip
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Fly Fur Spectrum (from left to right): Black, White Barred Black, White, Dark Purple, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Chartreuse, Dark Sapphire Blue, Tan, Olive, Rust, and Brown.Fly Fur Spectrum Image (from left to right, top to bottom): Black, Dark Sapphire Blue, White Barred Black, White, Tan, Brown, Olive, Rust, Dark Purple, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, and Chartreuse
White Barred Black Fly FurLure tied with White Barred Black Fly Fur
Tan Fly FurTan Fly Fur, long strip
Steely Purple Pink 5D Brush, DiagonalCoho Salmon caught with Steely Purple Pink 5D Brush and Hot Pink Fly Fur on jig
Steely Pink 5D BrushSteely Pink 5D Brush
Steely Blue 5D Brush, DiagonalGorgeous-fly tied-with-Steely-Blue-5D-Brush-and-Black-Fly-Fur
Steely Blue Purple 5D Brush DiagonalSteely Purple Blue 5D Brush, Straight
Shrimpy Tan Pearl 5D Brush DiagonalShrimpy Tan Pearl 5D Brush Straight
Squirmy Purple/Pink 5D Brush, DiagonalSquirmy Purple/Pink 5D Brush, Straight
Predator II White Orange DiagonalPredator II White Orange Straight

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