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Sculpinow Medium Olive 5D Brush, DiagonalSculpinow Medium Olive 5D Brush, Straight
Spey Cream/Copper 5D Brush, DiagonalSpey Cream/Copper 5D Brush, Straight
Steely Purple Borealis 5D Brush DiagonalSteely Purple Borealis 5D Brush
Steely Blue/Black 5D Brush, DiagonalSteely Blue/Black 5D Brush, Straight
Sculpinow Dark Olive 5D Brush DiagonalSculpinow Dark Olive 5D Brush, Straight
Steely Purple Pink 5D Brush, DiagonalCoho Salmon caught with Steely Purple Pink 5D Brush and Hot Pink Fly Fur on jig
Steely Pink 5D BrushSteely Pink 5D Brush
Steely Blue Purple 5D Brush DiagonalSteely Purple Blue 5D Brush, Straight
Steely Blue 5D Brush, DiagonalGorgeous-fly tied-with-Steely-Blue-5D-Brush-and-Black-Fly-Fur
Squirmy Purple/Pink 5D Brush, DiagonalSquirmy Purple/Pink 5D Brush, Straight
Shrimpy Tan Pearl 5D Brush DiagonalShrimpy Tan Pearl 5D Brush Straight
Sea Trout Light 5D Brush, DiagonalSea Trout Light 5D Brush, Straight
Sea Trout Dark 5D Brush, DiagonalSea Trout Dark 5D Brush, Straight
Sea Run Shrimp Pink 5D Brush DiagonalSea Run Shrimp Pink 5D Brush on Slider by Will Cochran, Fly Sunday
Predator II White Orange DiagonalPredator II White Orange Straight
Predator I Hot Orange 5D Brush DiagonalFly tied with Predator I Hot Orange 5D Brush

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