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(S)makerel 4 Pack Fly Fur includes White, Chartreuse, White Barred Black, and Dark Sapphire Blue cuts of fur, to make the most tempting of lures.White Fly Fur is included in the (S)mackerel Fly Fur 4 Pack.
52 Buick Tan
6 Pack Nymph
Adams Extended Body
Aluminum Tool BarAluminum Tool Bar in Use
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The Anadromous 4 Pack Fly Fur contains one piece each of Dark Purple, Hot Pink, Dark Sapphire Blue, and Black furs.  Great for all species that migrate from salt to fresh waters.Dark Purple Fly Fur is included in the Anadromous Fly Fur 4 Pack.
Baha Mama Pink/White #4
BC Tri-Wing Sedge Grey
BiVisible Grizzly
Black Fly FurJig tied with Steely Blue 5D Brush and Black Fly Fur
Bling 200-R Chartreuse
Bling Midge Orange
Bodkin Half Hitch Tool

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