Advantages of a Trailer Jig

Jigs are one of the most widespread and commonly used lure types. From bass to cobia, these versatile lures have earned their place in the tackle boxes of most serious anglers. What is it about jigs that makes them so effective? 



First, with their heavy heads, jigs are able to penetrate the water column and get down to the strike zone very quickly. The longer your lure is at fish level, the more bites you will get. Secondly, jigs are extremely versatile, and can be rigged any number of ways, from dressed up with Fair Flies Fly Fur and 5D brushes, with spinner baits, to soft plastics, and even to bait. But the number one reason why jigs are deadly is because of their irresistible up and down “jigging” action. It’s an action that looks like an impaired minnow, sculpin, crayfish or other prey that just can’t quite get away. 

One of the most popular jigs is the bucktail jig, which is merely a lead head jig head with some bucktail (usually white) tied out the back. It could hardly be simpler. But it could be better. We at PIVIT have come out with Trailer Jigs, a reinvention of this classic family of lures.   


What’s different about Trailer Jigs? For one, the head, unlike most other jigs, is non-lead and non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about wildlife ingesting your jig, or about your jig leaching lead into the environment for thousands of years. Coating that non-toxic head is a patent pending HDPE plastic coating that won’t chip, prolonging the life of your jig and giving you the confidence that your jig is performing to its full potential. But what really gives Trailer Jigs their name is the trailing hook out of the back of the jig. The hook is attached to a securely crimped loop of wire that allows you to switch hooks if the hook gets dull, or if for some reason you want to fish a differently sized hook. 

Trailer Jigs come either bare or dressed with Fair Flies’ flagship products: Fly Fur and 5D Composite Brushes. These materials move and undulate and flash in the water, seemingly breathing. Dressed with these premium materials, Trailer Jigs come in twenty eight different colors and patterns, so no matter where you fish, there is a Trailer Jig perfectly suited to your home water. It’s the jig, perfected.


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