Steely Shrimp Pink & Lavender Kit




If you chase fish that eat pink this is a super simple way to get the job done.

Using our Trailer Rigs as a base, (or a tube if you wish), just two turns of our Steely Shrimp Pink and Lavender 5D Brush, and some reserved underfur from our supple Hot Pink Fly Fur as a collar, you can create eight to ten effective flies in a snap.  Plus you'll have a generous amount of Fly Fur left over and a few rigs for your next job!

The Shrimpy Pink and Lavender brush is made up of 5 different materials to give ample movement when wet and is tastefully accented with hot orange silicone legs and our special blend of lavender lightning fibers for ultimate UV reflection and color variation.  A great squid and shrimp imitator! Other things easily added could be mono eyes, a tail, or wings to add even more movement and color variation.

Tie one up and send us your pic at!

Your Steely Shrimp Pink & Lavender Kit includes one Hot Pink Fly Fur, one Steely Shrimp Pink & Lavender 5D Brush, one pack of Trailer Rigs, and a 5% discount.

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