Squirmy Purple/Pink 5D Brush




Squirmy Purple/Pink 5D Brush

Simplify your fly tying with this bold and bright color 5D brush, arguably the best dubbing brush for salmon and steelhead and large trout.  This brush will also work great for saltwater patterns including shrimp and squid flies. 


  • Materials are synthetic fibers and stainless steel wire.
  • No silicone legs
  • Contains craft fur
  • Fiber length varies from 3-5 inches total across
  • Contains dubbing
  • Core thickness=4  [1=almost wire; 5=thick and bushy]
  • Length = 12 inches (30 cm) that will tie 8-12 flies
  • Shipped "flat pack" (without plastic sleeve) when possible to save $$ and protect the environment

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