French Silk Floss


Color: Black Floss


Lagartun French Silk Floss is the only silk designed and manufactured specifically for fly tying.  Used whole, the silk makes robust bodies on Atlantic Salmon flies, and wraps smoothly right off the spool - but unlike embroidery silk, the Lagartun French Silk Floss can be easily split into smaller strands, all the way down to 1/12th of its initial width, because Lagartun French Silk Floss is composed of 12 individual bundles of silk loosely spun together into a single strand.  Whether you need to tie a 7/0 Salmon Fly body, or a tiny tag on a size 1 Low Water pattern, Lagartun French Silk Floss will work beautifully.  Available in 20 great colors.  8 yards per spool.

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