Dave's Sinker Pack


Color: Original Black


20 pcs. + Mini Tackle Box
8 Lead Free Fishing Weights
Comes with Sturdy Mini Tackle Box (Securely holds weights, lures, hooks and jigs)
12 USA-Made Snap Swivels, Swivels & Beads

20-piece pack includes: (2) 1/2 oz, (2) 2/3 oz, (2) 3/4 oz and (2) 1 oz steel weights, plus (4)Rosco Swivels (4) Snap Swivels and (4) Beads.

Includes two "Dave's Rig Tips" on the inside cover of the sturdy case that will come in handy for years to come.

Offered in two color options; Original Black and Stealth Gray.

High-performance. Lead free. Made in the USA.

Dave's Sinker Pack is the multi-pack to have from an ounce on down to one half-oz. It's hard to find more applicable weights than these sizes.

You'd be surprised by how many anglers use these sizes primarily. You'll get the anglers who do bait chunking in rivers or lakes using these sizes, and the bass and perch anglers who drop-shot or run a sliding rig with these weights. In deeper water, perch, crappie and bluegill anglers can benefit from dropping these sizes down to the bottom to present their bait just above the bottom. Even stocker trout anglers in local lakes can get much more casting distance by upsizing their weight on a floating bait rig.

The steelhead and salmon fishermen use these for drift fishing (bottom-bouncing), float (bobber) fishing, bobber-dogging, mooching, spinner, spoons and trolling. The live bait anglers will often send a baitfish or other bait with a weight to pull it down to depth. If you'd like to fish powerbait, worms or other options out on the lake, these are perfect for launching your bait far, especially with the sliding rig.

You can see two excellent ways to rig these weights up. As long as you've got your mainline, leader+hook/bait/lure, this pack will provide the weight, the swivels, beads or snap swivels to rig up with. Look inside the pack or on this listing to see two methods depicted on the rig tips.

Our weights are a safer non-toxic weight when compared to lead egg weights, bullet weights, in-line or "split-shot" weights.

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