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White Fly FurWhite Fly Fur, long strip
Bodkin Half Hitch Tool
Trailer Rigs in packagingShanks & Wires, return eye visible
Black Fly FurJig tied with Steely Blue 5D Brush and Black Fly Fur
Steely Blue 5D Brush, DiagonalGorgeous-fly tied-with-Steely-Blue-5D-Brush-and-Black-Fly-Fur
Small Spool Ceramic Bobbin
Tan Fly FurTan Fly Fur, long strip
White Barred Black Fly FurLure tied with White Barred Black Fly Fur
Hot Pink Fly FurFly tied with Predator I Hot Orange 5D Brush and Hot Pink Fly Fur
Hot Orange Fly FurJig tied with Hot Orange and Dark Purple Fly Fur
Chartreuse Fly FurChartreuse Fly Fur, long strip
Olive Fly FurOlive Fly Fur, long strip

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